_MG_3753The things that I’ve been mesmerized and consumed with since my teenage years are – the business world, personal development, health & wellness and spirituality. I entered college knowing that I absolutely wanted to major in business administration & management. I even still have some college books from those days sitting on my shelves. I worked about 30 hours a week during my college years in Corporate America and at one point contemplated going to law school (because both my parents wanted me to…), but then decided instead to accept a full-time job and go for my MBA at night. I thought that I was destined to climb a corporate ladder. I was fascinated by what makes companies tick. I could easily intuit strategies. However, I came to realize that I was really more passionate about the people within and how they were impacting the world.


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So, how does this all tie in? While growing my corporate career, I still always had my passion for personal development, health & wellness and spirituality fueling me. I’m totally a seeker and self-improvement junkie (recovering, I hope). I read book after book on self-help topics, leadership development, spirituality, nutrition, cooking and social activism. I also attended workshops on every imaginable topic from healthy eating, alternative medicine, to building a millionaire mindset and selling the women’s way. Oh, and let’s not forget that I also took classes in shiatsu, Reiki, tarot card reading, psychic development, flower essences and foot reflexology. All in my efforts to contribute to the healing of individuals and the business world.


Then I decided to work with a life coach. I truly felt emotionally, spiritually and professionally unfulfilled and sure was pounding my head against the wall looking for answers. I was a living, breathing example of someone who was dealing with a demanding corporate career and constantly feeling stretched to my limits, stressed, overwhelmed, and always seeking answers for career and life success. Trying to get a handle on my own corporate career, I just knew that I was frustrated with trying to make things happen. I came to learn that a lot of people are operating from the notion that when they’re happy in their career, their life is happy.


And this, in my opinion, is where we’ve gotten ourselves caught in a vicious cycle. We overrate the importance of our career and not how we live. The truth is that when we have a joyous personal life, we then encounter a joyous career life. Our job, boss or salary cannot make us happy. We are the ones fully responsible for a happiness that is sustainable. As a result, I decided to parlay my experience as a corporate strategist into becoming a life strategist.


So what type of approach do I take in my coaching? I want to spur you into taking inspired action to achieve tremendous life satisfaction and success. It’s all about strategizing, planning and taking action, but in a direct, inspiring, engaging and impactful way. I don’t believe in pointing the fingers at where the fault might lie for why you aren’t where you want to be in your life. We just bust through the myths and beliefs that you’ve been operating from to come up with ways to create immense satisfaction and meaning in your life. I consider myself a powerful transformation agent to help you create practices and rituals to reinforce new beliefs. I combine both traditional professional credentials with complementary healing wisdom to create a unique coaching approach. I also share my wisdom and learning lessons so you can see real-life applications. I hold you accountable to your dreams and aspirations, but not in an ass-kicking or in some fluffy, airy-fairy, all-is-well kind of way. Neither approaches are sustainable and don’t get you to take actions that are lasting. And coming from this place will help you feel a sense of purpose, freedom, appreciation, and value. My mission is to help you connect within to create a vision of the future that’s so compelling and inspiring to move you to the life and career you so desire.


So, if you’re wondering what makes me qualified, here are my professional credentials:



  • Received my coach training certification from the renowned CoachU
  • Hold a MBA degree in management/marketing and a BS in management from Rutgers University
  • Have 15+ years of business experience in corporate strategy, corporate social responsibility, and program management.


Complementary Healing:

  • Reiki Certification – Levels I & II
  • Foot Reflexogy Practitioner Training
  • Shiatsu Massage Practitioner Training
  • Aromatherapy & Flower Essences


And on to some fun facts about me…


  1. I’m literally food-obsessed. I wake up in the middle of the night having come up with recipes. (I’ve been told that I’m such a great vegan cook!)
  2. My friends used to call me an energizer bunny on the dance floor. I could dance for hours and hours. Now I sneak in daily dance moves as my exercise…
  3. I was born in Germany to a German mother and American father. I spent the majority of my youth and teenage years living in Germany with my mother. (And, yes, I’m bilingual – I get that question all the time…)
  4. I love cats. My soulmate pet, Rusty, passed away in December 2012 at age 16. He was my greatest spiritual teacher. He was kind to send me new love bugs, Merlin, Mystic Morrigan,Lucky & Lilac who bring me much joy daily.
  5. I’m a driven eco-activist in our house. Watch out for when you leave light switches on; don’t compost or recycle; or leave the water running.
  6. I enjoy reading, listening to music and can often be found on my deck gazing into the woods for inspiration.
  7. I’m like a kid in the candy shop at the farmers market. I can’t make up my mind and tend to go overboard with wanting to buy everything.
  8. I love feminine, jewel-colored clothing. And my closet is organized by colors.
  9. I’m known for wearing really unique fashion jewelry.
  10. The owl in my logo…well, I have an owl in my backyard woods that visits at times and hoots wonderful messages…


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