Dreams Come True. 

Without that Possibility Nature Would Not Incite Us to Have Them.

John Updike


Wanting to start or grow a lifestyle business and make a difference?

Here’s why you want to work with me:

  • I guide you in developing a strategic framework for both your business and personal brand that is based upon your strengths, dreams and vision.

I’ve been a corporate strategist and sustainability advocate for over 15 years. I pull in all the best practices I’ve learnt with 100’s of clients to create a solution that works for you.

  • I  teach you marketing techniques that work for small businesses that are authentic and build community and relationships.

Say good-bye ick factor and hello feel-good approach! This isn’t about following the latest trends or some standard script. It’s about building community in a sustainable and innovative way.

  • I help you build a business that you feel motivated to grow and that generates revenue in a soulful fashion.

We develop innovative systems and practices that make business fun for you while also sustaining you. After all, we do need to make money while also consciously making a difference.

Ready to jump in now?

Personal Branding Sweet Spot Image



Power Session for Status Quo Challengers

A 2-hour strategy session designed for the aspiring or emerging lifestyle entrepreneur who is socially and environmentally conscious and wants to create an amazing personal brand to live out his/her life’s mission. The session can be used to help get your clear on your purpose if you’re just starting out and feel a bit like you’re all over the place with your interests. We’ll help you gain clarity and focus. Or if you know what your purpose is, but don’t know how to create a business or brand around it – well, we’ll then develop a path to get you moving forward in a fun and meaningful way.

Cost:  $350



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