Marion is great at assessing human potential and prescribing realistic pathways to success.  She delivers her candid (and sometimes sobering) advice with such warmth and humor, it is always well-received.

Marion’s suggestions for readings, tips for dealing with difficult situations, and empathetically encouraging persona have been crucial to getting me through challenging times and staying on track with my ambitions for a balanced and rewarding life.  Without Marion’s calm demeanor and amazing resources to turn to, I certainly would not be as focused as I am on being a successful leader!

Katherine, Cherry Hill, NJ


At pivotal points in my life I appreciate an objective ear to listen to my thoughts, feelings, and aspirations. As a developing leader, I am careful about whom I seek advice from, which is why Marion is a great personal coach.  She is excellent at assessing all of the factors and providing constructive feedback. Her knowledge gleaned from being an entrepreneur, food consultant, and fashionista has and continues to be very useful in her coaching abilities. In addition to her expertise in many fields, I particularly value her wisdom and would recommend her as a personal life coach.

N. Nelson, Philadelphia, PA