Craft Your Happily Ever After Life

Craft your Happily Ever After Story Cover

A Fun Workbook to Create Your Very Own Fairytale Life

 A handy dandy story booklet that you can print out and carry around with you to start dreaming away even for a few minutes a day.

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Hello Modern Day Game Changer!

I created this great workbook to give you an enjoyable alternative to the intense self-help workbooks out there.  This one is about tapping into your creativity and enjoying your inner journey process! 

You’ll have lots of fun Crafting Your Happily Ever After Life.  You’ll let your creative imagination take you into fierce self-fulfillment mode. The pages are meant to reinvigorate your little girl dreams and help you find ways to live it out in even the smallest way possible, knowing how busy you truly are!

This workbook is guaranteed to become like your own Fairy Godmother waving her magical wand and sprinkling fairy dust to take you to where you want to go!

Here’s What’s So Different And
Extremely Powerful About
This eBook

Fairytales can be wonderful tools for kids to learn history and to spark creativity.  But why shouldn’t we be able to still take advantage of this great tool as adults?  That’s where this workbook comes in.  It’ll tell you how to:

  • Become your own BFF and take care of your needs by putting a priority on them.  Nothing or nobody outside of you can get you what you want.  Don’t put the burden on others to make you happy.  You accept yourself – no matter what – be it those extra pounds, the procrastination or fearful holding back – and know that only you have the strength and fierceness in your heart to make yourself happy.
  • Get disciplined about going after what you want.  This means that you take consistent actions toward your dreams and self-care.  Your dreams shouldn’t be prone to new toy love, meaning you play with them for a few weeks every day and then lose interest.  Off goes the toy into the corner then.  No, you stick with your dream and follow through.
  • Ditch all expectations, obligations and societal standards to the curb.  They’re just like that funky old couch your folks have in their basement.  Rank with mold.  You need a brand couch that feels totally comfy to you and smells good.  So, on a daily basis, figure out what you can do to break out of your stuck patterns.  Hop on the new couch and bounce around just to show that you’re having fun with ditching what you think you “should” be doing or who you “should” be.
  • Take on the star role in your own tale.  Wanting to escape your life is an easy way out from everything that has happened to you or is going on right now in your life.  It’s nice to try to recreate a fairytale in your head at times, but it will keep you stuck in pain if you use it to deflect from embracing your own ability to create your very own life’s story.  You’re the star, the writer and producer all in one.  So, let your story shine up on that big screen.

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